UPTab DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 HDR Active Adapter

DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz HDR Active Adapter

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Connect to an HDMI Ultra HD display with High Dynamic Range from a DisplayPort-supported computer using the DisplayPort Active Adapter! Designed specifically for those who enjoy high-level computing, graphics, and gaming. HDMI 2.1 up to 48Gbps allows even smooth 8K video playback, especially when combined with a 60Hz frame rate and HDR creating lifelike colors and movements giving users the ultimate visual experience. Converts DisplayPort video signal at up to 8K 7680×4320@60Hz with DSC or 4K 4096x2160@120Hz with DSC including 1440p at 240Hz. Best of all, the DisplayPort Active Adapter is extremely easy to use and travel with, thanks to its portable size. Self-Powered, No external power required.
Last but not least, the DisplayPort Active Adapter supports a 4:4:4 color format, ensuring true RGB vibrant colors, as well as HDR without typical visual color degradation. Audio isn't a concern either with the transmission of up to 8 channel audio for immersive sound.

* Please update your TV Firmware to the version which supports these resolutions/refresh rates!
** Please update your Graphic drivers on your PC and make sure that DSC1.2 is supported on your devices to support these resolutions/refresh rates!

This product is SPECIFICALLY designed to work with the latest Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s), supporting DSC 1.2. At the time of publishing, these are the supported GPUs:

NVIDIA RTX: TITAN RTX, RTX 2060, RTX 2070, RTX 2080, RTX 3060, RTX 3080, RTX 3090,RTX 4090, RTX 4080
AMD Radeon: RX 6000, RX 7900 XTX
QUADRO: RTX8000, RTX6000, RTX5000, RTX4000, RTX3000 MOBILE
Intel 11/12 Based Gen: Alder Lake, Tiger Lake, Ice Lake, Iris Plus Graphics, UHD Graphics


  • Ideal for gamers and other high-level computing requirements
  • Supports 4:4:4 color format with clear RGB colors
  • Audio up to 8 channel audio
  • HDMI 2.1 throughout up to 48Gbps
  • Small, portable design
  • Multi-shielded cable with aluminum body
  • Converts DisplayPort video signal at up to UHD 8K 7680×4320@60Hz or 4K 4096x2160@120Hz including 1440p at 120Hz


  • VESA DisplayPort (DP) v1.4 compliant receiver
  • HDMI specification v2.1 compliant transmitter, data rate up to FRL mode up to 12-Gbps per channel and TMDS mode up to 6-Gbps.
  • Embedded MCU
  • Embedded EDID. Response EDID if terminal device doesn’t have it
  • Support both HDCP1.4 & HDCP2.3 with on-chip keys to support HDCP repeater.
  • Support RGB 4:4:4 8/10bit bpc and YCbCr 4:4:4 , 4:2:2 ,4:2:0 8/10-bit bpc
  • Support DSC v1.2a decoder and pass-through mode
  • Support max. resolution/timing up to 8K@60p / 4K@120Hz
  • Support 3D stereo video format transport
  • Support Color Space Conversion
  • Support LPCM audio format with max audio sample rate up to 8-channel 192KHz
  • Support HBR audio format up to 2-channel 768KHz
  • Support 3D audio format up to 16-channel 96KHz
  • Support CEC over AUX channel
  • Support High Dynamic Range (HDR-10)
  • Support VESA Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS)
  • Support CEC over AUX channel
  • Operational Temperature up to 70C/158F

 Technical Specifications:

  • Input: DisplayPort (DP) v1.4 compliant
  • Support 1/2/4 lanes up to HBR3 (8.1-Gbps) input
  • Built-in high-performance adaptive equalizer
  • Support 1-MHz AUX channel
  • Support DSC v1.2a and backward compatible with the former versions
  • Support DSC decoder and pass-through mode
  • Support max. resolution/timing up to 8K@60p / 4K@120Hz
  • Support CEC over AUX channel
  • Support LPCM audio format with max audio sample rate up to 8-channel 192KHz
  • Support HBR audio format up to 2-channel 768KHz
  • Support 3D audio format up to 16-channel 96KHz
  • Output: HDMI 2.1 Female; An Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable (sold separately) is required
  • Support maximum resolution/timing up to 8K@60p / 4K@120Hz with DSC
  • HDMI 2.1 compliant transmitter, data rate up to FRL mode up to 12-Gbps per channel and TMDS mode up to 6-Gbps.
  • LPCM and Compressed Audio encoding formats
  • Support LPCM audio format with max audio sample rate up to 8-channel 192KHz
  • Support HBR audio format up to 2-channel 768KHz
  • Support 3D audio format up to 16-channel 96KHz Support DSC v1.2a and backward compatible with the former version
  • Support DSC pass-through mode
  • Audio stream handling

In The Box:

  • 1x UPTab DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 4K/120Hz HDR Active Adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty

Quick Guide:

  • Can only convert signal from DisplayPort™ to HDMI™. This is not a bi-directional adapter
  • Connect multiple monitors using NVIDIA™ Surround technology (one adapter per monitor)
  • Depress the button on the DisplayPort connector to release the latches and avoid damage when unplugging
  • For HDR function, the source system needs to support DisplayPort™ 1.4 and the screen needs to have support for HDR and HDMI™ 2.1

Q: I am only getting 4K@60Hz when using the UPTab Active adapter. How can I get 4K @ 120Hz?

There are several different reasons why a 4K display would be limited to 4K@30/60Hz using our adapter. We would recommend first checking:

  • The DisplayPort output port must be DP 1.4 compliant to get 4K @ 120Hz with HDR.
  • System specifications to ensure that the internal graphics processor can support 4K @ 60Hz and that the output port on the system/GPU can support 4K @ 60Hz.
  • Monitor specifications to ensure that it can support 4K@120Hz from the desired input port. HDMI input ports must be HDMI 2.1 specifications.
  • For HDR to function, the source system needs to support DisplayPort 1.4 and the screen needs to have support for HDR and/or HDMI 2.1.
  • Ensure that the HDMI cable is HDMI 2.1 Certified.

If both the system’s GPU, DisplayPort output port, and the monitor claim support for 4K @ 120Hz, please check the Windows Advanced Display Adapter settings to ensure that 120/60Hz is available and selected from the drop-down list.

If 120Hz is not listed and you are connected to our adapter with an HDMI 2.1 cable, please double-check that the monitor has HDMI 2.1 ports. Additionally, some 4K TVs and monitors must enable an “HDMI 2.1,” an “HDMI UHD Color” or “Ultra HD/UHD Deep Color” (or similar) setting for 4K@120/60Hz to work via HDMI. Please consult the monitor’s manual and check the monitor’s menu settings to see if there is an applicable setting.

UPTab adapter is truly active. Rather than relying upon passing a TMDS signal via DisplayPort’s Dual-Mode, the adapters actively convert the outgoing DisplayPort LVDS packets into the necessary TMDS signaling. With an internal clock rate of up to 594MHz, our adapters support all the “must-have” features of HDMI 2.1, with resolutions up to 4K@120Hz with HDR, stereoscopic 3D support, and higher color depths.

Q: Does the UPTab (B014E8ZC7E) adapter support AMD Eyefinity setups beyond two monitors?

Yes! AMD Eyefinity will allow up to two “legacy” display connections (HDMI, DVI, or VGA). The third connection must be native DisplayPort, i.e.; not Dual-Mode/DP++ carrying an HDMI signal (since that would count as one of the two “legacy” displays). When using our active adapter, the video card will not need to utilize one of the legacy connections but instead will address it as a native DisplayPort display. (Please note: per AMD, their graphics cards support a maximum of two active adapters.)

Q: Does the UPTab (B014E8ZC7E) adapter support 4:4:4 color/chroma sampling?

Yes! Our adapter supports 4:4:4 chroma sampling at 4K @ 120Hz resolutions at 8bit color depth (8bpc). Please be aware that connected display\TV must also support 4:4:4 color depth and the HDMI cable must be HDMI 2.1 capable while connected to an HDMI 2.1 input port on the display.

Q: Does your adapter support HDR?

Our adapter does support HDR imaging (High Dynamic Range). HDMI 2.0b is the minimum specification for supporting HDR.

Q: What are supported HDR Standards?

Our adapter supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) standards: Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG

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  • 4k 120hz 4:4:4 HDR

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 14th 2022

    First let me say that the product is working perfectly but there is a backstory to this.

    I originally bought this in October of 2021 and was disappointed that it was only passing a 4:2:0 signal from my 6900xt to my LG C1 and had intended to return it (even received an RMA). I changed my mind on the hope that it was a firmware issue that would be resolved as a support e-mail had said the issue may be with LG OLEDs at that time.

    Well, I don't know which firmware did it but I decided to try this again tonight on a whim and it works great.

  • DP to HDMI

    Posted by Elton Roy Hyland on Sep 11th 2021

    These do work as suggested however please make note that they DO REQUIRE an additional USB port. These are ACTIVE (powered) adapters and I use 3 for my home cockpit. So I needed a new hub to power them. They work as described.

  • Works perfect!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 7th 2021

    4k and HDR without problem.

  • Works as Expected

    Posted by Jeremy on Sep 6th 2021

    I was looking for a DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 to display 120Hz HDR. This adapter works like a champ! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for 4k 120Hz.

  • Finally HDRRRRR :)

    Posted by GeorgeW on May 2nd 2020

    Finally 4K 60Hz and HDRRRRRRRR :)

  • it actually works at 60 Hz!

    Posted by Leala on Apr 7th 2020

    It actually works!

    tested with:
    Sapphire Pulse RX Vega 56 graphics card (display port 1.4)
    Vizio E65 TV
    25 feet HDMI extension cable + 3 foot HDMI patch cable = 28 feet total

    Verified working:
    3840×2160 at 60 Hz SDR ( aka HDMI 2.0 )
    3840×2160 à 60 Hz HDR (alias HDMI 2.0a)

    Absolument ravi. Ma carte graphique ne pouvait pas maintenir de manière fiable une connexion à 28 pieds de câble avec quoi que ce soit de plus que 1080p, mais ce dongle le fait facilement avec 4k HDR à 60 Hz !

    J'ai acheté d'autres adaptateurs revendiquant HDMI 2.0b, mais aucun n'a pu le faire même avec un câble de 6 pieds. Juste ravi de celui-ci !

  • Haute qualité!

    Publié par Paul le 24 avril 2019

    Excellent produit et livraison rapide. Je pensais que j'allais devoir attendre des semaines avant qu'il n'arrive de Chine. Non, vient de l'Ohio, aux États-Unis. M'a sauvé des temps d'arrêt avec une livraison rapide.

  • Fonctionne comme annoncé ! J'en avais besoin pour mon Titan...

    Publié par Louis le 11 mars 2019

    Fonctionne comme annoncé ! J'en avais besoin pour mon Titan X Pascal car j'utilise HDMI pour mon écran 4K et j'avais besoin d'un autre port HDMI pour VR et Titan X Pascal n'a qu'un seul port HDMI. Je l'ai branché sur le port d'affichage et mon DXDiag indique que mon affichage est de 3840 x 2160 à 60 Hz.

  • Excellent produit

    Publié par Travis White le 9 mars 2019

    Excellent produit et fonctionne comme annoncé, mais il a fallu un peu de peaufinage de ma part. Si vous êtes comme moi et que vous utilisez un haswell i7 avec 4600 graphiques (ou un processeur similaire) sur un ordinateur portable Windows, cet adaptateur ne fonctionnera pas immédiatement pour vous. La première étape consiste également à vous assurer que vous utilisez le bon port hmdi 2.0 sur votre moniteur/téléviseur. (le mien est un port hdmi 1 sur mon téléviseur vizio). Ensuite, vous voudrez "rechercher des mises à jour" pour vos graphiques Intel. Après cela, ouvrez le panneau de configuration Intel HD Graphics. > allez à l'affichage > résolutions personnalisées > réglez la largeur sur "3840" et la hauteur sur "2160" et le taux de rafraîchissement sur "60" (**assurez-vous que l'affichage correct est sélectionné dans le menu déroulant d'affichage sur la main gauche côté **)> ensuite, vous voudrez définir la «norme de synchronisation» sur CTV-RB (TRÈS IMPORTANT)> enfin, cliquez sur ajouter et revenez aux paramètres généraux. Sélectionnez la résolution que vous venez d'entrer et le taux de rafraîchissement devrait être disponible. J'espère que ça aide!

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